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Toperfect Oil Painting Company in China
Foundation: 1995
Location country: United Sates, Hong Kong, China
Area served: Worldwide
Products: Oil painting reproductions, framed art, portrait from photos, pictures to art
EN: oil paintings for sale
FR: Peintures Tableaux - Peinture à l'huile
DE: Gemälde Verkaufen - Ölgemälde
CN: 油画
AR: اللوحات الفنية


([ˈtɔpəfikt], means Top & Perfect) is an oil painting factory and online art gallery who began to produce hand painted arts mainly based on oil painting reproductions and custom artworks since 1995. It is the supplier of Starbucks and other art galleries in Europe and America, and its customers reach almost 200 countries and regions.
“Toperfect” is also the company’s trademark that is registered in US, Europe, and China.
Toperfect Painters Working on Handmade Paintings

Toperfect is an epitome of Chinese factories which takes a large proportion of world market at the end of last century and seeks its transformation 30 years later. It is also a typical case of how the European and American dealers intentionally lead their customers to believe that the goods are made by native because some of the western people have prejudice against things made in China.

According to the statistics by US Customs, the import of oil reproductions from China reached $ 4 billion in 2006. Statistics from China Customs show that China has exported more than 14 million copies of all kinds of paintings in 2015.

Early Market Role

In the end of 20th century, Toperfect became a foundry of galleries in Europe and America. They all claim that the oil painting reproductions are made by their native artists so that they can earn several times or even dozens of times the profit. As a result, there are reports from time to time about Chinese tourists who spend thousands of dollars to buy famous paintings abroad only to find that they are made in China and the cost price is merely dozens of dollars.

For European and American people, the quality of products coming from developing countries such as China are general because they are cheap, low-value added, low-tech and have no artistic values. They cannot accept the fact psychologically that these beautiful hand painted arts are made by Chinese painters because in their mind, oil paintings belong to western art. So, since 1990s, dealers around the world generally deny that the paintings they sell come from China. They would claim that their paintings are made by native painters and require Chinese foundries such as Toperfect to sign names of western people on their paintings. Consequently, European and American people would often ask accreditation agencies to assess the paintings they buy from native galleries at high price which signed western names as contemporary art for sale.
American and European Resellers of Toperfect


Since 2005, China implemented the reform of the exchange rate of RMB to US dollars under US pressure and the exchange rate has surged 30%. According to Oxford Economics, the labor costs in China are doubled several times in the past 10 years and catch up with that of the US. As a result, Chinese foundries are struggling to survive as European and American dealers are grabbing their share of profit.

Like other gift&crafts factories in China, Toperfect faces the transformation from B2B model to B2C model, which means to sell its products directly to customers overseas at wholesale price instead of being a foundry. This will lead to two kinds of results:
First, a large number of European and American dealers disappear under the competition. Retailers abroad who used to earn a high profit face more severe competition. At the same time, more and more counterparts abuse Chinese sellers online.
Second, this has accelerated the rapid development of canvas printing industries represented by American native electric business as the printing cost is low, fast delivery, and the transaction is localized.

Hand Painted Oil Painting Reproduction by Toperfect

Features of Toperfect Paintings

The oil painting reproductions and other hand painted arts produced by Toperfect are different from canvas printings.

There are two advantages of canvas printings. First of all, the cost of printing has nothing to do with the difficulty of painting so that canvas printings are cheap and different works of the same size are sold at the same price. Secondly, the delivery of goods is fast because canvas printings do not require the complicated procedures of hand painted arts.
But they also have several disadvantages. Printing products are in want of the artistic value of hand painted art. In addition, they are flat and lack the stereoscopic and touch of the original works. What’s more, because the printing works lack the sense of quality, they are more suitable for temporary commercial decoration.

The advantages and disadvantages of hand painted art for sale by Toperfect online are just the opposite of those of canvas printings.

Toperfect Licenses in US, CN, HK

False Toperfect Claims / Complaints

It happens frequently that many people claim to have the copyright of the artworks paintings of the same artist. Though Toperfect does pay some of the copyright owners, others still raise objections. This is often used by other counterparts to attack Toperfect and post false complaints on internet, that drive people to be The Scream, these are Toperfect's competitors who are real scam frauds/cheats.

Accordingly, Toperfect has taken some measures:
First of all, they add the button of “Report” above the pictures online so that they would remove the product from the shelves once they have verified the copyright disputes.

Secondly, Toperfect confirms that no customers have suffered a loss due to the copyright dispute so far. They promise that they would cover the loss of their customers once it happens.

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Reviews of Paintings

Please check here for customers' reviews.

A Blog by Customer Who Decorated His New Restaurant
After all the money I poured into my new restaurant, getting to have a little fun with the paintings turned out to be my favorite part. It took me a couple of days of browsing Toperfect reviews to get a better idea of what I need to look for. The biggest thing that stood out about the whole process is that there are barely any Reviews & Complaints, which is amazing. I’m the type of person that looks at negative reviews first, so to see little of those was refreshing. There are a lot of things I liked about, and after all the paintings I purchased to decorate my restaurant including Las Meninas, it seems like money well spent. The restaurant didn’t need anything fancy or outlandish, and had more of a focus on still life and natural beauty paintings.

Bouquet of Flowers Paul Cezanne
Toperfect paintings can be modern, traditional or even a mixture of the two. The first painting we chose for the restaurant was Bouquet of Flowers by Paul Cezanne, because once again we just wanted something simple. It was perfect, with an array of colors that brought a natural calm to the room. What I loved most about the painting was that it was easy to find similar styles to go along with it from, which saved us the hassle of only getting paintings that came in a series. Toperfect reviews have often described this piece as timeless, and I would have to wholly agree as marc chagall. There are a vast number of alternatives we could have went with for our first painting, yet this Cezanne beauty is exactly what our restaurant needed to boost the room. When we are (hopefully) in business decades later, people will be able to look at this painting as the one that welcomed them to the restaurant.

Still Life with Roses and Sunflowers Vincent van Gogh
You can’t have a classy restaurant without a Vincent van Gogh painting. Toperfect complaints will never be about the lack of Vincent van Gogh impressionism paintings, since there are plenty available. They do a good job of making a 1:1 painting that keeps the same personality of the original. This was important to us, especially since we didn’t have millions of dollars for a van Gogh! But when Toperfect paintings decide that they want to copy the best, they do a fine job of being perfect copies. Still Life with Roses and Sunflowers was our second pick to go with the first painting, and even if it wasn’t headlining the restaurant like Bouquet of Flowers, it still served as an important piece in the restaurant. These were 2 of the big 3 paintings and andy warhol we got, with the rest serving as a compliment. We were a little iffy on getting a hand painted van Gough copy until we read on the Toperfect website that there was a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That put us at ease, and we also noticed that none of the Toperfect complaints were about customer service. If a time ever comes where we have to contact customer service, I have full faith that it will be a quick and non-messy affair. This is exactly what I would expect from a company, and was an important part of us choosing

Roses in Front of a Blue Curtain Flower Pierre Auguste Renoir
A Pierre Auguste Renoir painting was the last of the big 3 paintings that we got for the restaurant, and wow did it impress! Roses in Front of a Blue Curtain Flower is not even my favorite painting from the artist, yet this one went so well with our theme that it was hard to pass up. This choice also made the rest of our Toperfect paintings of tamara de lempicka that much easier. More than a dozen people have already commented on the placement, and we’ve moved it about five times. It seems the favorite location is to the side of the fish tank, which is when customers are on their way to getting seated. While walking to the table it really stands out as a special piece of art. We may end up moving it again, but for now it’s in the correct place and rounds out our big 3 painting purchases. Toperfect reviews are pretty spot on when talking about this painting, mentioning that it is their favorite still life from Renoir.

Geraniums Flower Painter Henri Fantin Latour
Now that we had our big three paintings, it came down to getting the smaller ones inside the restaurant. For this task I had a coworker go through all of the Toperfect reviews and find the most favorable in specific categories. This meant looking for still life flower paintings site wide, and also doing a second search on Toperfect paintings that were lesser known. For the rest of the paintings we wanted a mixture of well-known ones and others that were lesser known than diego rivera and frida kahlo. Nothing makes a customer stop and pause like a good looking unknown painting. Geraniums Flower Painter filled that role quite nicely, with this being the first Henri Fantin Latour I’ve ever seen. There is a good photorealistic quality about the painting that could be deceptive to the naked eye from a distance. After having it for a while we even decided to make a similar arrangement for one of the tables. I would definitely recommend looking at more of Henri Fantin Latour’s paintings, and have instantly become a fan.

Flower Garden Gustav Klimt
Flower Garden is exactly the type of raw energy painting that we were looking for, and there isn’t anything else like it that I’ve seen. Toperfect complaints will never be about missing out on a masterpiece painting, since we have never run into a problem securing even popular work from the website. In fact we were amazed at how Flower Garden managed to get to us so quick, since it seemed like one of the more rare treats from Gustav Klimt. Yet it arrived with no delay, just like any other Toperfect paintings. The fast arrival filled us with the same joy that our customers have when we bring out their meal on time. That gratifying feeling was multiplied after we hung Flower Garden near the rest of our paintings of roy lichtenstein, and gazed upon a really intricate collection. At this point we were missing maybe one other small piece but couldn’t figure it out. We did consider another van Gogh, but wanted something else in the still life category. Flower Garden was the inspiration for the next painting we purchased, and eventually the last that we ordered for the restaurant.

Peonies in a Vase Eduard Manet
Toperfect reviews hit the nail on the head with some of Manet’s work, and by comparing it to what we had with the latest Klimt painting, this was an easy sell. Most of the work after picking the painting came from choosing the frame and deciding whether we wanted to put it in the front or the back. The overall experience with Toperfect paintings of norman rockwell up to this point had been so seamless that we decided to tell a partner about it. The main thing he was interesting in was that there were no major Toperfect complaints, and that they were a clean and honest company. Everything that we could have ever asked for was delivered with no delay, and no hassle. And out of this entire deal I also found a couple of artists that I want to start a personal collection on. The amount of time we spent looking for paintings was so small compared to the rest of the restaurant work that we wished Toperfect also sold business appliances! Having a company that respects your time is important, and we always felt that way with them.

A Final Word
Toperfect paintings are not just works of art, but an entire experience. When you figure out what a good experience it is to buy from joan miro, you’ll understand fully what I’m talking about. I’ve been in buying situations where I had no choice but to deal with the worst customer service on the planet to get what I want. None of that bad news or service gossip can be found in Toperfect reviews, because it doesn’t exist. They are an exemplary company with only the highest standards, and I look forward to doing business with them again. We are looking at an expansion in the new future if everything goes right. Guess where we’re going to get our paintings by rene magritte? And to speed things along, I have already saved the name of the paintings that we used as alternates that never made it to our original restaurant. It’s exciting and fun, and gives me something to look forward to the next time I am shopping online. So if you’re a businessman that doesn’t like their time wasted, is definitely for you. And if you have doubts, always check the Toperfect reviews and you’ll see just how highly recommended they are.

Van Gogh oil paintings

van Gogh paintings Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch post-Impressionist famous painter, van Gogh paintings had a far-reaching influence on 20th century art. The vivid colors and emotional impact appearing in many Vincent paintings for sale like Van Gogh Sunflowers and Iris Van Gogh impress so many people. The best-known Vincent paintings are Starry Night and Cafe Terrace at Night worked impasto. These have already become synonymous with other van Gogh oil painting The Church at Auvers, Van Gogh Self Portrait, and The Café Terrace on the Place du forum.

Shopping van Gogh Paintings>>


Monet oil paintings

Claude Monet is French famous painter, The term Impressionism is derived from one of Monet paintings Impression, Sunrise. Favorite American Oil Paintings Studio Toperfect wholesales 400 famous beautiful Monet paintings like Impression Sunrise, Monet Water Lilies, Poplars series and more. Monet paintings are the most salable and suitable for home decoration. Oil painting studios sell beautiful and handmade Monet paintings for sale in wholesale price.
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da Vinci oil paintings

Leonardo da Vinci was the greatest Italian oil painting painter, his life in Rome, Bologna, Venice and France took effect to da Vinci paintings. Early works of da Vinci paintings began with the Baptism of Christ; in 1480s St. Jerome in the Wilderness represented da Vinci paintings; The Last Supper is the most famous da Vinci paintings of the 1490s. In 1503, the art Mona Lisa was born in France as the great masterpiece of da Vinci paintings for sale. Da Vinci paintings is the most known Renaissance art and collected in the highest price. Shopping da Vinci Paintings>> 


Rembrandt paintings

Rembrandt paintings
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn is Dutch oil painting artist, achieved youthful success as a portrait painter. Rembrandt paintings were popular throughout his lifetime, is the greatest painters in European art history and Dutch history. Today American oil painting Studios give the most notable collection of Rembrandt paintings for sale is Rembrandt Night Watch, The Jewish Bride and many self-portraits oil painting. Night Watch and Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp are oil on canvas, the most famous of Rembrandt paintings on display at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Many people today in Netherlands still like Rembrandt paintings even if reproductions. 


Bouguereau paintings

Bougueraeu paintingsWilliam-Adolphe Bouguereau was a famous French academic painter. Bouguereau paintings of realistic genre and mythological themes were modern interpretations of Classical subjects. American Oil painting studios like Bouguereau paintings because of a heavy emphasis on the female human body and techniques to stroke human face. He ever tried to make reductions of Bouguereau paintings wholesale to patrons like The Annunciation. The Birth of Venus, The Bohemian were the most eagerly bought Bouguereau paintings. Even if his almost photo-realistic style was popular, Bouguereau paintings are entirely within the traditional Academic style.

Gauguin paintings

Gauguin paintings
Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin was a French leading Post-Impressionist oil painting artist. The subjects in Gauguin paintings under the influence of the cloisonnist style, paved the way to Primitivism and pastoral themes. In The Yellow Christ of Gauguin paintings, often cited as a quintessential Cloisonnist work. In Tahiti, he painted "Fatata te Miti" ("By the Sea"), "Ia Orana Maria" (Ave Maria) and other Gauguin paintings of Tahitian life - oil painting studios. In 1897, where he created the Gauguin paintings masterpiece "Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?". Same impressionism style is Monet paintings, Van Gogh paintings for sale on


Rubens paintings

Rubens paintings Leda and the Swan
Sir Peter Paul Rubens was a famous Dutch prolific Flemish Baroque painter. Rubens paintings emphasized Counter-Reformation altarpieces and history paintings of mythological and allegorical subjects. Portraits and landscapes are also main objects of Rubens paintings for sale. St. Helena with the True Cross is the first altarpiece commission of Rubens paintings. Altarpieces such as The Raising of the Cross and The Descent from the Cross were important Flanders Rubens paintings that wholesale by paintings Studios. The Assumption of the Virgin Mary is prominent example of Rubens paintings; voluptuous figures in many of Rubens paintings like The Feast of Venus, The Three Graces and The Judgment of Paris. Rubens paintings Landscapes, such as his Château de Steen with Hunter and Farmers Returning from the Fields is personal nature works. Flemish Kermis is the expression of Netherlandish traditions in Rubens paintings. 

Renoir paintings

Renoir paintingsPierre-Auguste Renoir was a French oil painting artist of the Impressionist style and especially feminine sensuality. While in Montmartre Renoir paintings of The Bathers, Dance at Bougival were painted. One of the best known Impressionist works is Renoir paintings - 1876 Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette (Bal du moulin de la Galette). Other famous Renoir paintings are Bal du moulin de la Galette, Luncheon of the Boating Party. Renoir paintings are notable for their vibrant light and saturated color, initial Renoir paintings show the influence of the colorism of Eugène Delacroix and the luminosity of Camille Corot. Same impressionism style is Monet paintings, Van Gogh paintings showing on American oil painting studios Toperfect.


Degas paintings

Degas paintings
Edgar Degas was a French oil painting artist famous for his Impressionism Degas paintings and preferred to be called a realist. Over half Degas paintings depict dancers as do his racecourse subjects and female nudes. Portraits Degas paintings are notable for their psychological complexity and depiction of human isolation. Early masterpiece Degas paintings is The Bellelli Family by American oil painting studios. Degas Paintings for sale such as Place de la Concorde read as "snapshots". Degas began to draw and paint women drying themselves in Degas paintings After the Bath. The most controversial Degas Ballet paintings are La Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans, Little Dancer of Fourteen Years. 

Remington oil paintings

Remington paintings Frederic Sackrider Remington was an American famous painter. Reminton paintings depict the Old American West, images of cowboys, American Indians and the U.S. Cavalry that sell by American oil painting Studio. One of the full-color Reminton paintings Return of the Blackfoot War Party was exhibited at the National Academy of Design. Remington paintings Self-Portrait on a Horse shows the famous painter as he wished; A cornered bear in a prairie is brought down by dogs and riflemen in Remington paintings titled Last Stand. A Misdeal (1897) is a rare instance of indoor cowboy violence in Remington paintings.

Michelangelo paintings

Michelangelo paintings Michelangelo, was an Italian famous Renaissance oil painting painter. The most influential Michelangelo paintings in fresco in the history of Western art are the scenes from Genesis on the ceiling and The Last Judgment on the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel in Rome and oil painting studios. The most famous Michelangelo paintings is The Creation of Adam, emphasized the hands of Adam and God. Among the most famous Michelangelo paintings on the ceiling are Creation of Adam, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Great Flood, the Prophet Isaiah and the Cumaean Sibyl are also important Michelangelo paintings displays in western art history.

Raphael oil paintings

Raphael paintingsRaffaello Sanzio da Urbino was an Italian oil painting famous painter and architect of the High Renaissance. Together with Michelangelo paintings and da Vinci paintings, Raphael paintings forms the traditional trinity works of that period, all sell by American oil painting studios. The best known Raphael paintings for sale is the The School of Athens. For some churches, he painted some Raphael paintings like "Mond Crucifixion" and the Brera Wedding of the Virgin. Deposition of Christ is Raphael paintings draws on classical sarcophagi, The Parnassus and the Disputa of Raphael paintings also made a stunning impact on Roman art. Same Renaissance art is da Vinci paintings.

Botticelli oil paintings

Botticelli paintingsSandro Botticelli or Il Botticello was an Italian famous oil painting painter of the Florentine school during the Early Renaissance. Since late 19th century Botticelli paintings work has been seen to represent the grace of Early Renaissance art. Among the best known Botticelli paintings works are The Birth of Venus and Primavera Botticelli. The Adoration of the Magi contains the portraits of somebody, is masterpiece of Botticelli paintings portrait. In these famous Botticelli paintings by paintings studios, the influence of Gothic realism is tempered by his study of the antique art. He also painted some famous religious Botticelli paintings for sale, Venus and Mars is a nic example.

Manet oil paintings

Manet paintings Édouard Manet was a French famous painter to approach modern-life subjects. Manet paintings was pivotal in the transition from Realism to Impressionism. Early masterworks of Manet paintings The Luncheon on the Grass and Manet Olympia served as rallying points for the oil painting artists who would create Impressionism. American oil paintings studio Toperfect Art sells these Manet paintings that are watershed art mark mark the genesis of modern art. Music in the Tuileries is an early example of the painterly style of Manet paintings. Corner of a Cafe Concert, The Beer Drinkers and The Waitress are also famous Manet paintings as well as At Pere Lathuille's.

Cassatt oil paintings

Cassatt Mary paintingsMary Stevenson Cassatt was an American oil painting famous painter. She first befriended Edgar Degas in France and later Cassatt paintings exhibited among the Impressionists. Mary Cassatt created images of the social and women, Cassatt paintings emphasis on the intimate bonds between mothers and kids. In 1868 one of Cassatt paintings, A Mandoline Player, was accepted by the Paris Salon. Romantic style of Corot and Couture is the character of Cassatt paintings by Cassatt paintings, Two Women Throwing Flowers During Carnival was well sold in 1872. A group of Cassatt paintings of Spanish subjects includes Spanish Dancer Wearing a Lace Mantilla.

Botero oil paintings

Botero paintings Fernando Botero Angulo, Colombian oil painting artist, self-titled "the most Colombian of Colombian artists". Botero paintings includes still-lifes and landscapes objects as well as situational portraiture; the colors, shapes, and proportions of Botero paintings is use based on intuitive aesthetic thinking. The most famous Botero paintings are Botero's Cat, Roman Warrior, etc. All is wholesale by American oil paintings Studio Toperfect Art.

Paul Klee paintings

Paul Klee paintings Paul Klee is considered both a Swiss famous painter and a German painter. Paul Klee paintings are influenced by expressionism, cubism art, and surrealism. As a student of orientalism, Paul Klee paintings reflect his dry humor and child-like perspective. In 1912 Paul Klee paintings in own color experiments in pale watercolors and did some primitive landscapes, including In the Quarry (1913) and Houses near the Gravel Pit. Operatic Paul Klee paintings for sale is The Bavarian Don Giovanni painted in 1919. After returning home, painted first pure abstract Paul Klee paintings by American oil paintings studio, In the Style of Kairouan. Klee used different materials like oil paint, watercolor, pastel, etching to Paul Klee paintings.

Franz Marc paintings

Franz Marc paintings Franz Marc was one of the principal oil painting painters and printmakers of the German Expressionist movement. Franz Marc paintings is characterized by bright primary color, an almost cubist portrayal of animal. Completed in 1913, the best known Franz Marc paintings is probably Tierschicksale (Animal Destinies or Fate of the Animals) of painting studios. Some of Franz Marc paintings for sale in high price, e.g. Rote Rehe I (Red Deer I), Der Wasserfall (The Waterfall). Other famous works are popular, these Franz Marc paintings are Tiger, The Yellow Cow, Fighting Forms.

August Macke paintings

August Macke paintingsAugust Macke, member of the German Expressionist group  The Blue Rider. Integrating into August Macke paintings the elements of the avant-garde which most interested the famous painter. August Macke paintings Shops Windows is a personal interpretation of chromatic Cubism. August Macke paintings in in style of Expressionism and also part of Fauvism. The final August Macke paintings, Farewell, depicts the mood of gloom caused by World War I that wholesale on paintings studios. He's friend of some expressionist and abstractist painters, so August Macke paintings displays similar role with Franz Marc paintings and Paul Klee paintings.

Amedeo paintings

Amedeo paintings Amedeo Clemente Modigliani was an Italian oil painting artist primarily as a famous figurative painter. In 1907 he became fascinated with Paul Cézanne paintings, then Amedeo paintings developed in his own unique style. Madame Pompadour is the representive of Amedeo paintings. Jeanne Hébuterne in Red Shawl was finished in 1917, is also masterpiece as one of Amedeo paintings. Explained to his astonished neighbours on American oil painting studios, he destroied practically all of early Amedeo paintings. However, destroyed by him as inferior, frequent changes of address, or given to girlfriends, many of Amedeo paintings were lost. 

Paul Cézanne paintings

Paul Cezanne paintingsPaul Cézanne was a French oil painting artist and Post-Impressionist famous painter. The line attributed to both Matisse paintings and picasso paintings that Cézanne paintings "is the father of us all". Often repetitive, sensitive and exploratory brushstrokes in Paul Cézanne paintings. Paul Cézanne paintings convey his intense study of subjects and nature to deal with the complexity of human visual perception. Paul Cézanne paintings Portrait of Louis-Auguste Cézanne, Father of the Artist, reading 'l'Evénement' are first and last successful submission to the Salon. Later Paul Cézanne paintings include several sexual or violent subjects, such as Women Dressing, The Rape, and The Murder that copied by Toperfect. Same impressionism style is Monet paintings, Van Gogh paintings.

Klimt oil paintings

Klimt paintings Gustav Klimt was an Austrian famous Symbolist painter, the primary subject of Klimt paintings was the female body. Three Klimt paintings, Philosophy, Medicine and Jurisprudence were criticized for their radical themes. Many of Klimt paintings used gold leaf like Pallas Athene and Judith I, the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I and The Kiss Klimt. In 1911 Klimt oil painting Death and Life received first prize in the world exhibitions in Rome and  paintings studios. Klimt paintings for sale have brought some of the highest prices like Landhaus am Attersee, Adele Bloch-Bauer I. The other most famous of Klimt paintings is Danaë.

John Constable paintings

John Constable paintings John Constable was an famous English Romantic painter. He is known principally for John Constable paintings of landscape of Dedham Vale. Dedham Vale of 1802 and The Hay Wain of 1821 are the most famous John Constable paintings. Than in the native England of the famous painter, more John Constable paintings were sold in France and oil painting Studio. Oil sketches The Leaping Horse and The Hay Wain convey a vigour and expressiveness missing from John Constable paintings of the same themes. His physical effects was obviously in the full-scale John Constable paintings for sale exhibited in London, The Chain Pier. He drunk in painting rainbow effects in John Constable paintings such as in Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows, and in Cottage at East Bergholt. 


Goya oil paintings

Goya paintings Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes was a Spanish romantic famous painter regarded both as the last of the Old Masters and as the first of the moderns. The subversive and subjective element in Goya paintings provided a model for Manet paintings and Picasso paintings. He Processed the war by 2 Goya paintings that in oil painting studios, The Charge of the Mamelukes and The Third of May 1808. The Goya paintings style of these Black Paintings prefigure the expressionist movement. The "nju:d" Maja and The Clothed Maja (La maja vestida) are two of best known Goya paintings. The Parasol, La maja desnuda, La maja vestida, The Second of May 1808 are other famous Goya paintings.

Pissarro oil paintings

Pissarro paintingsCamille Pissarro was a French Impressionist oil painting painter, Pissarro paintings got visual contributions to Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, as well as Paul Cézanne paintings, Edgar Degas paintings for sale and Paul Gauguin paintings. During his lifetime, few of Pissarro paintings were sold. By 2005, however, some of Pissarro paintings were selling in the range of U.S. $2 to 4 million. The finest early Pissarro paintings are characterized by a broadly painted (sometimes with palette knife) naturalism but with an incipient Impressionist palette. Monet paintings is the most prolific and emblematic practitioner of the Impressionist style, Pissarro paintings is a primary developer of Impressionist technique. Same impressionism style is Monet paintings, Van Gogh paintings.

Titian oil paintings

Titian paintings Titian was an Italian painter, member of Venetian school. Titian paintings equally depict portraits, landscape backgrounds, and mythological and religious subjects. The methods of Titian paintings would exercise an influence on both the Italian Renaissance painter and the future Western art. The earliest Titian paintings for sale are Gypsy Madonna in Vienna, and the Visitation of Mary and Elizabeth. In 1516 the famous masterpiece of Titian paintings, the Assumption of the Virgin, still in situ. Pesaro Madonna, (Madonna di Ca' Pesaro) for the Frari church is a classic formula reached in Titian paintings. In Rome and Toperfect oil painting Studios, the artist began his series of reclining Venuses Titian paintings, The Venus of Urbino of the Uffizi, Venus and Love, Venus and the Organ-Player. Same Renaissance art is da Vinci paintings.


Vermeer oil paintings

Vermeer paintingsJohannes, Jan or Johan Vermeer was a Dutch Baroque oil painting famous painter who specialized in exquisite, domestic interior scenes of middle class life. He worked renowned for his treatment and use of light in Vermeer paintings. The reason why he not wealthy is that Girl With A Pearl Earring produced less. One of Vermeer paintings, The Allegory of Catholic Faith, reflects the belief in the Eucharist, not Catholic. The sparkling pearly highlights in Vermeer paintings and exaggerated perspective can be seen in Lady at the Virginals with a Gentleman. In 1672, Vermeer paintings use natural ultramarine generously in Lady Seated at a Virginal. Besides 17th century Dutch society, religious, poetical, musical, and scientific comments can also be found in Vermeer paintings for sale by Toperfect Art.

Thomas Kinkade paintings

Thomas Kinkade paintings Thomas Kinkade is an American famous painter of realistic, bucolic, and idyllic subjects, "America's most-collected living artist". He is notable for the mass marketing of Thomas Kinkade paintings as printed reproductions. A key feature of Thomas Kinkade paintings are the lighting highlights and saturated oil pastel colors. Thomas Kinkade paintings often portray bucolic, idyllic settings like gardens, fowl and farm animals, streams, stone cottages, and Main Streets offered by American oil painting studios. Various Christian subjects are also depicted in Thomas Kinkade paintings including the Christian cross and churches. He sell high-quality prints with texturizing techniques on real canvas to make the surface mimic the raised results of the original Thomas Kinkade paintings. 

Canaletto paintings

Canaletto paintings Canaletto, was a Venetian painter famous for his landscapes, or vedute, of Venice oil painting. The first known signed and dated Canaletto paintings is Architectural Capriccio. The early Canaletto paintings remain his most coveted and his best. One of the finest early Canaletto paintings is The Stonemason's Yard which depicts a humble working area of the city. Canaletto paintings began to suffer from repetitiveness and becoming mechanical to the point. Return of the Bucintoro to the Molo on Ascension Day, the Stonemason's Yard are Canaletto paintings in his famous topographical style. The Grand Canal and the Church of the Salute, View of the Entrance to the Venetian Arsenal is favorite Canaletto paintings of many collectors.


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Monet Paintings capture timeless beauty of nature through an artistic combination of composition and color. It defines the subject as well as the background in real and virtual sense. Be it a still life Vincent van Gogh paintings, portrait, seascape Claude Monet paintings for sale or landscape, they all convey those imperishable moments of life in a magnificent manner. Art industry has always recognized and appraised painter’s potential and importance of these van Gogh paintings. Great artists and painters such as Leonardo da Vinci paintings, Picasso Guernica, Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Claude Monet paintings, Gustav, Klimt, Degas, Jackson Pollock, Titian  and many more dedicated their entire life for art. Degas paintings reflect race- course subject and dancers while Van Gogh paintings are known for self portraits. Let us talk about Claude Monet paintings. Monet paintings for sale by oil painting
wholesaler like Manet art - Luncheon on the Grass, are masterpieces and simply priceless and makes us speechless to describe. As the art market of Toperfect is booming with great intensity, this extraordinary piece of art is not only valuable in terms of money but also with respect to historical significance. This has led to auction away Da Vinci art and van Gogh paintings for sale at a sky rocket price and also theft. Van Gogh painting - Poppy Flowers and Vase and Flowers worth of 50 million dollars got stolen from a museum in Cairo. Added to this, Edgar’s five of his well-known paintings are also stolen and still found missing. This museum also holds Renoir and Monet paintings for sale. “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust” by Picasso got sold off for $ 106.5 million in may 2010 while Le Bassin Aux Nympheas – water landscape, one of the famous Monet paintings fetched 80.5 million dollars in 2008. Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer by Klimt made the buyer to shell out $ 135,000,000 dollars for this masterpiece, on other hand Van Gogh painting - Portrait of Dr. Gachet was offered at 82.5 million dollars. Van Gogh paintings of self portrait without beard earned around 72 million dollars. Van Gogh and Picasso are entitled as world’s most valuable artists. Leonardo da Vicni paintings for sale were highly influenced by landscapes, painting portraits and sunflowers. As per the art critics, both of them have contributed around 7 – 10 masterpieces including da Vinci paintings during their lifetime.

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Toperfect doesn't just orient business strategy towards profits, but also superb brand, artistic taste and services. To materialize this strategy, choose fine painting materials and employ excellent painters. Toperfect paint with certified oil paints on linen canvas, and serve you with a huge collection of oil painting designs. To enable you easily find the samples expected, Toperfect's catalogue is sorted in two ways and there is no sample repeated in them. One category is Oil Painting Classified by Styles, according to the sample style. The other category is Oil Painting Classified by Painters, sorted by the famous artists and works. Nowadays, sell to customers not only in US, but also in many European countries. Our customers include Holland Royal, German National Tourist Board, famous galleries and churches, etc.