Satisfying discount for wholesale orders! 400 painters in 30 studios. The lowest price and hand painted oil painting by ourselves. Favorite designs here and custom orders are welcome. Best reliable supplier for importer and wholesaler!

    Process of Ordering

1. Click the "register" at the top of the page layout:

2. After submitting, you will return to Index, please logout, then log in again to active your account.
Now you just need to choose your favorite oil painting.

3. Leave your mouse on any breviary oil painting you are planning to order, click

4. You could browse the big image through the jumped window, choose the size, quality grade and type you want,
key in the number, click "Add To Cart", then the oil painting could be ordered successfully.

5. Afterward, you will enter the part of "My Orders", namely your order management panel. In the future,
you could also click "My Orders" on the page menu directly to it after login.
You are able to check all order conditions here, the orders which you are selecting now are under the condition
of Unsubmitted Order part, while the orders which you have finished and submitted as a complete order are under the condition of Submitted Order part.
You are allowed to amend through any unsubmitted order, click "Del" to delete the order of the oil painting completely,
click "Change Order" to amend the size, quality grade and quantity of the design.
As to the orders which are under the condition of submitted order part, we will make
invoice for you and contact you as soon as possible. At this time, you could not amend anything by yourself,
you could tell us your requirement of amending, and we will amend for you in the invoice.
So, if you still want to order other paintings, please do not click "Submit the above goods".
Instead, you should click the "Home" on the top of the page layout and order other paintings according the process 6-7 repeatedly.
Please advert that if you are still under the condition of Unsubmitted Order part, you are allowed to continue ordering oil painting in
the following days, all the paintings you order continuously (Add To Cart) will be listed on the same order form.